Quotes From Students

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"I've always loved reading and writing, so it was a great experience for me to have a writing workshop with Sharee to polish my skills. We worked hard in the class and I learned a lot. We submitted one of my pieces to the Kay Snow Writing contest and I was surprised and happy to win and be recognized in my category."
Jade, 15 years old

"Before I came to Sharee's for tutoring, I really disliked writing. But now it's really fun to write. Every week, I'm really excited to come."
Lucie, 11 years old

"When I was younger, I went to The Tutoring Academy for help with reading and writing. I really enjoyed how Sharee gave me the freedom to write about whatever I wanted, and she let me choose what books to read instead of picking them for me."
Linnea, 16 years old

"It's fun and we get to read a lot of good books."
Avery, 7 years old

"If you have an ad, you should call it, 'Awesome Tutor.'"
Conor, 11 years old

"Come in bored, come out satisfied and happy."
Ella, 10 years old

"I've just been with Sharee a few weeks and I already love it and her. She is so nice."
Olivia, 10 years old

"I'm so grateful for The Tutoring Academy—it has really helped me improve my reading and writing skills."
Sophia, 12 years old

"I think coming here is a fun activity. I have to say, everything we do is fun."
Alexander, 9 years old

"The Tutoring Academy is probably the best decision I have ever made. Sharee Chapman is probably the nicest person living. I am reading Middle School books and I look forward to coming every week."
Sam, 11 years old

"I like the book groups because we have fun discussions about the books. It is like educational social gathering—fun while learning."
Kyle, 14 years old

reading books is quite amazing
sit down and start gazing
the cats are cute
we eat yummy fruit
we design art
which comes from our hearts
what more can you want 
don't go to Vermont
this isn't anatomy
just make a visit to The Tutoring Academy
  -Anya 13

"Every week I look forward to the book groups because I know I'll have a good time with my friends and also learn new things."
Meianna, 13 years old

Sharee makes reading, writing and spelling easier to learn. She has good snacks, too.
Sean, 11 years old

"One amazing learning environment."
Renata, 13 years old

The Tutoring Academy is a great experience and it improved my reading skills. The book groups are really fun—reading good books and meeting fun people!"
Halle, 13 years old

"I always have a lot of fun because we do cool art projects and read fun new books."
Aili, 11 years old

"When I come to The Tutoring Academy, I feel happy and excited because I am learning more and more about books. I've learned from Sharee that a book isn't just something you read—there's also a big story going on, with interesting characters, and interesting events. We talk about the inner workings of the story, and why the author chooses to tell the story in a certain way. I stretch my thoughts to understand the underlying idea. Learning to understand the inner workings of a story is a lot like art. We don't just draw random pictures—when you take a close look and see what is happening in your mind, in art, it is a lot like taking a close look at the story and seeing in your mind what is happening to the characters. I don't draw because it's fun and looks good, I draw because I see the pictures in my mind and I need to get them on paper. That is a lot like reading a book—you see the characters in your mind and you become a part of the story—you actually go into the book and live with the characters. Being a reader brings so much joy to my life. Sharee has taught me to stretch my brain and let it be flexible. She is an awesome tutor and I love learning here."
Aeron, 13 years old

"I have been in a reading group and a writing class taught by Sharee. She especially helped me with my writing skills. She helped me organize my thoughts and understand my strengths and weaknesses with writing; along with being able to stay on topic and look for repetitive sentences. Sharee's positive energy always made me look forward to seeing her!" 
Annie, 14 years old

"Sharee helps me feel comfortable about my reading.  I love the conversations we have about the books we read."  
Katie 11 (almost 12!)