Spelling Activities
Twelve Strategies to Enhance Skills


  1. Write each spelling word three, four, or five times, depending on how much practice you need. Write the words out in parallel columns. At the two end columns, cover the words you have written with your hand to see if you spell the last columns properly. The more you write the words, the better you will remember them.
  2. Write a definition for each spelling word. Use a dictionary or dictionary.com to help.
  3. Write a sentence using each spelling word. Underline the spelling word in each sentence.
  4. Draw your own crossword puzzle—giving definitions for your word spaces.
  5. Identify the root words and the words within the word. For example:

    Root word—auto

    Words within autocrat—auto, to, rat, at

    Root wood—claim

    Words within proclaim—claim, aim
  6. Write the spelling words in alphabetical order and sort them according to the number of syllables for each word.
  7. Using your favorite magazine, track your spelling words in sentences and circle them in red. See how many times you can find the words.
  8. Write each word on a sheet of paper—then draw a corresponding image that you connect with the word.
  9. Make a list of all the words you can think of that rhyme with each spelling word.
  10. Use your visual memory to remember the word. Look at the word and take a mental picture of it with your eyes focused on the word. Shut your eyes and see the word behind your eyelids.
  11. With your arm, write the word in large letters in the air. Then with your hand write the same word in tiny letters in the palm of your hand. Do this several times until you clearly see the word in your mind and can write it correctly on a sheet of paper.
  12. Take a practice test. Write each word you misspelled three times and try a retest.