good thinking

What is a Good Topic?

Ask yourself these questions when you are choosing a topic:

  1. Is the topic something you have strong feelings about?
    • ~When writers feel passionate about their topic, the odds are greater that they will complete a successful, creative and engaging piece.
  2. Is the topic something you know a lot about?
    • ~You need to know enough about your topic to make it interesting and understandable to your reader and to make it fun for you to write.
  3. Is the topic something you can describe in detail?
    • ~Details are the heart of any good piece of writing.
  4. Is the topic something your audience will be interested in?
    • ~Know your audience and think about why they will be interested in your topic.
  5. Is the topic something your audience will feel is worth reading?
    • ~What story do you tell about your topic that will keep your readers reading all the way to the end?

Putting Ideas in Order

When you have chosen your topic, put your ideas in order:

  1. Create topic idea
  2. Compose title
  3. Develop topic sentence
  4. Develop list of details and compose into sentences
  5. Organize list of details, include setting, timeframe, season, and sensory details
  6. Organize character information
  7. List supporting details about characters
  8. Write first draft of piece with a beginning, middle, and end
  9. Develop concluding sentence
  10. Proof and edit piece by reading aloud